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"I have had some outrageous anxiety these past few weeks since my grandmaw passed away. I was offered to try the CBD. So. I used 3 drops with ease under my tongue. It was odorless and tasteless which is a perfect thing when it comes to CBD. It worked instantly and It didn't make me feel groggy like barbiturates. My fiance Mike Miles was actually able to notice a great difference in me from yesterday that he was having an attack this morning and I offered the CBD to him. I placed three drops under his tongue and got instant results. We are about to go grocery shopping for the first time in weeks and not dreading it.Thank y'all. Good job Danny and Nae. You guys really nailed it."

Tanya Smith Maples, Client , Lake Charles, LA

“ I received my oil today! I have been in horrible pain all day after being on my feet all day yesterday and doing a little shopping last night. I've suffered with chronic back pain for just over 10 yrs. My tolerance to medication has become so that I rarely have any peace. I have to honestly say that I can really feel this working! I was finally able to get out of bed for the first time today. Thanks so much Naeda Labs for providing this great product!

Diane Lewis, Client , Ft Worth, TX
Just purchased some of your CBD oil from Blaze today. I am using it for pain relief from endometriosis, fibro, and nerve pain...

I just tried it (CBD Drops) about 30 mins ago. Already feeling muscle pain relief, and my mood is way better. My stomach pain is reduced as well. I don't feel super sleepy, but more loose and relaxed.

Jena' Marie Leake, Lake Charles, LA