CBD Vape Pen

CBD Vape Pen


This all stainless vape pen is designed specifically for CBD with dual coils, variable wattage  and a preheat mode  to help thin thicker CBD e-juice.

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This all stainless vape pen is variable wattage with a preheat mode to help thin thicker CBD e-juice. The tank is a dual coil glass and stainless design with a 1ml capacity made speficifally for CBD.

Preheating battery is the IDEAL battery when using THICK extracts, or if you just want to get a better pull than the old buttonless version. Battery capacity of 350mah. The buttonless stylus pens are 280mah. 

Just press twice and it warms the coil for 15 seconds.

*5 rapid clicks of the button cycles the battery on or off

*2 rapid clicks when battery is on begins the preheat cycle that runs ~1.2v for 15 seconds to warm up that thick oil. During the preheat cycle the LED ring around the button will change colors. Preheat function can be stopped early by one click of the button.

* 3 rapid clicks cycles voltage from 

Green - 3.6V

Blue - 3.8V

Red - 4.0v

*Press and hold button for use.... battery has a built in timer of 8 seconds to prevent overheating

*Start with the lowest voltage setting first and work up if needed



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