Indica by CannaTonic...

Indica by CannaTonic...


Wholesale – 10+ bottles $14.50 each, 50+ bottles $12 each, 100+ bottles $8 each, 500+ bottles $6 each



Vape and get immediate relief of many of your ailments.

This CBD vape is loaded with Natural Terpinoids of the Indica strain of cannabis. While it may provide a mild sense of euphoria familiar with the Indica strain of cannabis, it DOES NOT contain THC. The terpinoids have been extracted from other fruits and vegetables and placed in the exact profile as the Indica strain to replicate the natural benefits of this strain. It has not been extracted from Marijuana, and thus is completely legal!

We developed this blend of terpenes based on a number of different strains known for being sedative, relaxing, and heavy. This profile is a favorite for people who are looking for a “couch lock effect”. The flavor here is based on a vanilla custard.

EFFECT: Sedation, relaxed, bliss, providing a full-body “couch-locked” effect


Our CBD is refined and purified into a crystalline form. This does not give the nasty plant-like taste of most CBD products on the market, which extract the CBD straight from the plant. This gives our CBD a very clean taste you are not likely to find elsewhere.



FDA Notice: These products are not for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention for any disease, or cure any health condition.  Further, the efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research.  All information presented here is not intended as a substitute for or alternative to information provided by a health care practitioner.

NOTE: CBD burns at very low temperature. You should set your wattage output on your vaporizor to the lowest settings, preferably below 10 watts. Best if used with our Vape Pens as they are variable voltage and have a power wattage of 4 watts, ideal for CBD.


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