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About Us

Naeda Labs was started by a couple in Lake Charles, LA looking for a positive alternative to pharmaceutical medications. Through research, we have discoverd CBD, which has helped us treat menstral cramps, migraines, anxiety, seizures, and bipolar disorder personally. There are a dozen perscription medications which the lady does not need to take any longer with the help of CBD. While this is not a complete list of disorders which CBD helps treat, it is what we personally use it to treat.

Because of the expensive costs currently on the market, we have researched how to make it ourselves. And now we bring it to you at a great price. Our CBD is refined and purified into a crystalline form, which does not give the nasty plant-like taste of most CBD products on the market, which extract the CBD straight from the plant. This gives our CBD a very clean taste you are not likely to find elsewhere.

Our History

Since our inception we have expanded our research into other natural medicines and herbal supplements. This has led us to more products to bring to you.

For the last few years, we’ve been seeking out the highest quality ingredients to bring to you a line of pharmaceutical grade supplements that are worthy of our name. Through much research and development, we have brought our core values of health, quality and value full circle.

 All of our products are developed in our lab and tested first by ourselves until we are satisfied completely with them. We then send them to independent testers to try and give us their feedback. Out of all the products we research in our labs only the best will ever be offered to you.


Special Offers

Our Team

Our Advantages


Naeda Labs is a small company which allows for us to easily customize your order as you need. We offer a number of variations to some of our products to better meet your needs, and are always glad to consult with you one on one for anything. We know many clients on a first name basis, and that is the way we like it!


We can be easily reached for customer service and for any questions or issues that you may have. We often have people message us about various ailments or product information and ask for suggestions. We are here to help!

365 Days A Year

Since we are a small company we have the ability to work 365 days a year and not take long holiday vacations. This means that your orders will be processed and shipped within a timely manor, every time!